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Jan Krist and Jim Bizer hail from Detroit, justly famous as Motown, but home to myriad musical influences.   It was here that they met and made music together while still in their teens.  After separately establishing their reputations as performers and songwriters, Jim and Jan have joined forces in a fun and formidable duo where the sum is greater than the already substantial parts.

With “Influence”, their first CD as a duo, and the recent release “Too”, Jan and Jim take the “duo” concept and run with it: performances mesh and interlock, lyric and melody interweave in surprising and intriguing ways.  Buoyant to poignant, heartfelt to hilarious, they cut a wide stylistic swath that reflects their eclectic musical backgrounds.  And yet, their sound is distinctly their own, an unmistakable musical fingerprint.  No wonder Jim and Jan have been honored as winners or finalists from such entities as The Great American Song contest, Kerrville New Folk (TX), Mountain Stage NewSong (WV) and the Detroit Music Awards.

For now, the duo is their main focus, but Jan & Jim continue to perform as solo artists, as well as occasional shows with the Michigan-based writers’ collective The Yellow Room Gang.  Visit the Contact page for more info on these pursuits.